Northworks Bar & Grill

106 Grove Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





I had a pleasant lunch meeting at the Northworks Bar & Grill on the afternoon of 5/3/2002; I'd only been to the restaurant twice before, and it happened to be a convenient meeting spot being located right on Grove Street where I had just finished another meeting.

The crowd at lunchtime was a bit grey of hair, and the atmosphere was quite subdued - not what one would expect for a pub. Also somewhat amusing was the drink menu that accompanied the specials and regular menu; the Cosmopolitan and 3 Martini lunch are alive and well at the Northworks!

Lunch, while satisfying, was not particularly inventive or unique. Nothing really seemed to be a "signature" dish, so I ordered bruschetta and a turkey burger. The bruschetta was moist and flavorful, but could have been on better bread. The turkey burger was quite hearty and also tasty, though the fries needed to be a little crispier.

My lunchtime companion enjoyed her salad, and claimed that the salads from the Northworks were all quite good; they did have a nice array of salad choices on the menu, and I had previously had a good oriental style salad with chicken on another occasion.

Lunch was a very economical affair considering how much food we had both gotten. Overall, the dining experience was pretty average, but I imagine the dinner and bar crowds are probably much more lively.

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