Nancy Chang's

372 Chandler St.
Worcester, Massachusetts




Needs Work

My friend and I were looking for a place to eat late Sunday evening on 2/8/04. We wanted to go somewhere with decent vegetarian and vegan offerings, and Nancy Chang's was one of the few open places.

The atmosphere of the restaurant lacks a little for a chinese restaurant - a fish tank in view of the dining area provided some interesting flavor, but the interior otherwise was the typical converted Worcester structure. The empty, inactive fountain at the entrance of the restaurant was a little disappointing, but that could have been off because of the cold weather.

Nancy Chang's prides itself on healthy food options, and is one of the only truly vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in the city. Their menu provides many choices for dinner, and also offers vegetarian meat replacements for chicken, pork, shrimp, and beef and such.

We ordered steamed vegetable peking ravioli with ginger sauce as an appetizer; while very, very tasty, they could have been warmer - there wasn't any heat for the steamer basket to keep warm. Dinner was moo shi vegetables with pancakes and chicken lo mein with vegetarian chicken. My vegan friend was very impressed with the vegetarian chicken, which had an impressive taste and a stringier texture that was more than just tofu, but that she couldn't identify. The quality of the meal was decent overall, but there really wasn't anything particularly exceptional to speak of.

Value for dinner was exceptional - we both went home with leftovers for another meal, but only paid about $13.00 a person including tip. Though the restaurant falls into the "Needs Work" category, I'm still going to recommend the restaurant for giving a decent experience in all categories but atmosphere.

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