J's at Nashoba Winery

100 Wattaquadoc Hill Road
Bolton, Massachusetts





I joined a group of friends at J's for a birthday brunch on 8/11/2002. I had heard many good things about the restaurant from many people, and was eager to try it out for myself. I'm also very fond of breakfast eating - folks who prefer "continental breakfast", especially folks in other countries who do not consider breakfast to be a real meal, are very much missing out on the joys of morning repast.

That said, I am always on the lookout for good breakfast spots. J's now officially ranks amongst the top tier of said breakfast spots.

Upon arriving at the Nashoba Winery, the first thing one notices is that you're out in the middle of nowhere. The restaurant is nestled in a humble farmhouse, just off the road and smack in the middle of rows of orchards and farm fields. Though it was a bit hazy when I was there, the view was still quite impressive. I ended up chatting with one of my friends who had also arrived a little early, and was treated to the sight of one of the chefs walking out from the kitchen, down to the garden below the parking lot, to clip fresh herbs to use in that morning's preparations.

When you see that sort of thing right in front of you like that, you know you're in for some good eating. And indeed, this was the case.

The interior of the restaurant is very charming and comfortable, and the tables are laden with very classy dishware and silverware. The brunch buffet is laid out in two adjoining rooms, and varies from week to week; this particular time we were treated to:

French toast, savory peach salad, Mediterranean spinach bread with artichoke heart/pecan/grape salad, tortellini salad, bacon and sausage, zesty deviled eggs, for dessert: fresh sliced fruits, lemon squares and other bar cookies. A very Summer menu.

Every item in the buffet was memorable and scrumptious. The brunch itself really only lacked a staple of all great brunches - a nice carving station with some juicy ham or roast. It would have also been nice to see a little more chocolate at the dessert table, perhaps some chocolate covered fruits.

Service was spectacularly brisk and efficient, and (should you be lucky enough to be seated near a window) the outdoor view of the winery and orchards is very refreshing - but I would have traded the piped in music over speakers for a string quartet placed strategically in the restaurant someplace.

At approximately fifteen dollars for buffet breakfast, the value at J's can hardly be denied; and it's popularity is also undeniable - you definitely must call ahead to make reservations, as the brunch frequently sells out. I'll surely be making more trips out to Bolton in the very near future to enjoy breakfast again...

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