FuGaKyu Cafe

621 Boston Post Road
Sudbury, Massachusetts




Rising Star

It could be argued that no culture better understands the concept of dining experience than the Japanese culture. In Japan, eating out is a constant, to the point that no business deal is complete without having a meal. The Japanese government allows dining expenses to be completely written off, amounting to an enormous government subsidy of the restaurant business.

As a result, many Japanese restaurants are very serious about providing the best dining experience possible. I hope to witness this firsthand someday, but, for now, I will settle for FuGaKyu Cafe in Sudbury. Not that settling is at all the right turn of phrase!

FuGaKyu is a fantastic restaurant on all counts. A friend and I had dinner there on 4/20/2002, and it was especially fun for me as I was getting to introduce a sushi maven from the west coast to this gem of a restaurant in our area. Needless to say, she was as delighted as I almost always am when I have a meal there.

FuGaKyu is located in a completely unassuming and tiny shopping center on Route 20; I've often blinked and driven by it accidentally. It's a small place, and seating can be hard to come by on busy nights. Upon entering, you're warmly greeted by the manager or by a server in a kimono - all of the decor and interior is traditional Japanese, and it's very lovely.

Though I have only ever gotten sushi from FuGaKyu for my meals, the restaurant offers a staggering array of Japanese dishes - much more than you would find at a plain old tepanyaki restaurant or at a restaurant that is mainly a sushi bar.

I hope to someday work my way over to some of those menu items; but frankly, I must get the sushi when I come here because the quality of the sushi is beyond belief. The fish is incredibly fresh and beautiful, better than anywhere else I've tried (outside of Hawaii). The skill of the sushi chefs is also very evident, as they throw in tiny swans made of carrot or confetti cut delicacies.

The only thing that consistently disappoints me when I go to FuGaKyu (if you can truly call it a disappointment) is that their sashimi is always cut a bit too large. It's much too difficult to eat sashimi that isn't bite sized. It's sad, because FuGaKyu Cafe would be a "Rising Star" if they could just cut their sashimi a little smaller.

But this is truly a small complaint; every other aspect of the dining experience is stellar - the service is wonderful, the food grand, and the cost is eminently reasonable.

UPDATE: FuGaKyu's sushi chefs have taken the necessary step of reducing the size of their sashimi. This upgrades their Portions score to 9, bringing them to Rising Star status! Congratulations, FuGaKyu! (Also, try the orange mousse dessert if it is still being offered as a special...)

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