Cactus Pete's

400 Park Ave.
Worcester, Massachusetts





A friend and I had a late evening dinner here on 1/21/04 - neither of us had been to the restaurant in some time, and we were both wondering how it was doing. Sadly, I was a bit disappointed to see the establishment not faring too well.

The charming interior decoration of the restaurant is the same as it has always been, adorned with the horns of cattle and other western paraphenalia. The noise level seemed a bit high, even though the dining area was barely half full (never a good sign, I was worried when we easily found a parking space). It may have been that patrons were trying hard to be heard over the loud music being played in the bar area... which also happened to be disharmonious with whatever different music/noise was coming out of the speakers in the dining area! Not a very good atmosphere at all.

Dinner was a combination meal of a 6oz BBQ chicken breast and 4 stuffed shrimp. The miniscule portions that were brought out to me practically astonished me - $18.95 for cocktail sized shrimp, steak fries, and a chicken breast barely large enough for a sandwich??

The corn fritter appetizer was the highlight of the meal, though they quickly went from piping hot and crisp to cool and spongy. And it was a good thing we ordered them, because the microscopic portions were barely enough to satisfy, with no leftovers to speak of. The taste of dinner overall was also not very distinctive or particularly pleasing - somewhat dry chicken and a BBQ sauce that could have come right out of a bottle didn't help the tiny shrimp at all.

With such a discouragingly sad meal recieved, I didn't dare to think of ordering a dessert for fear of additional disappointment.

In closing, Cactus Pete's now holds the dubious honor of being the first non-chain "Unacceptable" restaurant I have reviewed. It is highly disappointing to see what was once such a fabulous eatery go straight downhill.

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