Broadway Diner

100 Water Street
off Kelly Square
Worcester, Massachusetts





Worcester is famously known for its selection of diners, many of which are practically historic landmarks. The Broadway Diner, nestled in a side street off of Kelly Square, is one such diner. Water Street itself is a slice of history - tall buildings lining each side of the street hide the sprawl of the city that surrounds it. One could easily imagine being transported fifty or more years into the past judging by the storefronts.

A group of my friends regularly meets here on Sundays for brunch; primarily they come for the good eats and the freshly squeezed orange juice, one of the hallmarks of the Broadway. Though a bit pricy, the OJ is quite tasty - but watch out for seeds!

On this particular occasion, the afternoon of 6/02/2002, I got to see a friend I don't get to see very often in addition to the regular crowd. Most everyone was already in the home stretch on their meals, but I had arrived a bit later to meet up with my friend. When she arrived, I looked over the menu - a reasonable selection, but nothing to write home about. Their potato pancakes look tasty, the person I was sitting next to had ordered those, but I wasn't quite in the mood for that.

After perusing the specials board, I settled on ordering the "brunch omlette", which was a panopoly of veggies and meat; broccoli, ham, onions, peppers, and a bunch of stuff I can't remember.

The food came out nigh instantaneously, not much more than five minutes after we ordered, but wait service after was almost nonexistent and they weren't particularly busy. I was fairly satisfied with the omlette, and I picked up the tab for two large meals - a measly 11 dollars including hefty tip.

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