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I tend to shy away from chain restaurants, especially when I've had bad experiences at them in the past. Every so often though, a group of my friends insists on going to such a place, for whatever reason; and I find myself morbidly curious as to whether or not the restaurant has gotten better since the last time I went. Almost invariably I end up regretting this decision. This was in fact the case on my 4/28/2002 visit to the Applebee's in this review.

Like so many other barely mediocre chains of this type, the walls are adorned with lots of tag sale rejects and "chic" theme junk. They at least had some order to their setup, and we were seated at a "hollywood" themed booth. The waitress was young and a bit inexperienced, and though she was mostly prompt in meeting our needs, there was a mixup with one of the dinner orders - one of my friends was brought the wrong meal, and had to wait for an entirely new one to be prepared while the rest of us ate.

If you could call it eating, that is... my burger was burnt, dry, cold, and utterly lifeless. It completely lacked any flavor, and was really only edible after being totally doused in ketchup. The onion peels, while somewhat tasty, still had that mass-produced, processed feel to them that you can only get from fast food joints.

Few of my friends had major complaints, but then again I suppose their expectations were about the same as mine - nobody thought they were going to get anything more than the lowest common denominator here. We didn't pay much for our food, but we certainly got what we paid for.

Yet another example of horrendous dining experience that will hopefully keep me from making the mistake of "trying" again...

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