I alone and individually am THE TRUE Libertarian!

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Last updated 10/25/07.

Dennis W. Phillips

As you know I am a radical Libertarian. Actually, I consider most Libertarians to be too socialistic, big-government commies!

I alone and individually am THE TRUE Libertarian! The rest of you are whimps!

Moreover, most so-called Libertarians are a part of a self-defined Libertarian religion where THEY claim that THEY have the authority to determine all morality and rules for everyone else! They believe that their system is inerrant and infallible and that a mysterious superstitious force called (Adam Smith's) "Invisible Hand" will make us all Holy and Pure. Modern Libertarians are just out for a power grab like all other political parties. After all the LOGIC is undeniable: If government is SO BAD, then WHY do the Libertarians want to be a part of it!!! Why do they run for office??? THEY want power and control and have duped the true "freedom-lovers" like me into thinking that they have all the answers. Just like Newt did, the powers-to-be in Libertarianism will betray us!!! They don't seem to understand the concepts of PRIVATE PROPERTY.

For example: If I have a cable TV (CATV) line coming on my property, it is MY PROPERTY.The RF signal in the line is MINE. I paid for it and I can do with it what I want! And that includes selling it, giving it away etc. Why should some stupid idea like "Intellectual property" force and create a tyranny on MY personal property? If I sit in my back yard and an RF signal from the Clark Belt falls on my Real Estate I have the right to do with that RF what I want. And that includes decipher and decrypt it and SELL IT, give it away etc. In fact, a few years ago up in the West Virginia Mountains almost all the Satellite guys were just buying One decoder and cloning the EPROM (by burning a new one). What is wrong with that? I wish the Libertarians recognized MY liberty to do with MY property what I wanted to instead of supporting big government regulation through ideas of "copyright" and "intellectual property".

Using your friend, William of Occam, I do not believe that anything like copyright or patents exist. They are an unneeded abstraction that needlessly multiplies entities. A video tape is a video tape. A book is a book. A CATV box is a CATV box. I own it thus I own it. What kind of superstition and voodoo says that I may own the physical material but I do not own the right to do anything with it that I want to? Let EVERYTHING be in the marketplace. The "free market" is what makes the world work. We wrecked the world in the 19th century when we destroyed the ability of people like me to own slaves.Are you or any of your family for sale?

Slaves were MY PRIVATE PROPERTY. How dare the Republican-Big Government-Liberal Tax and Spend Lincolnites send an army and take MY PROPERTY away from me without paying me? How dare the government steal my Private Property and then TAX ME to pay for the upkeep (welfare) of what was once my private property and what I was doing well with before.What kind of religious superstitious voodoo says that "humans" have certain "rights"? Where did they come from? God? The only "right" anyone has is to be "free" and that means FREE to make YOU a slave and do whatever I want with you. Bleeding hearts say that humans have "rights"! Phooey, show me what the rights look like? WHERE did they get the rights?

Slavery could have been ended if the slaves all would have just bought their own freedom. Why weren't they saving money and making investments and helping themselves buy their own freedom? NOOOO...they wanted some big government internal war program to come and save them.

For example, old people on Social Security...Phooey! My 86 year old Grandmother is perfectly capable of supporting herself through prostitution with a few old rich geezzers in her rest home. What is wrong with that? If we cut off her Social Security, she would have the motivation to get up off her duff and on to her back. I mean, you gotta give people an incentive to work. You give anybody anything for free and they get lazy and pretty soon start expecting charity. The best charity is to kick the poor in the ass and tell them to "get a job, bum!".

Some bleeding heart is always out there whining about how bad things are. Hey, they are BAD. I make almost $200,000 a year and I am getting robbed in taxes and regulated to death. I am NOT my brother's keeper! I shouldn't have to be. Let him take care of himself. No one promised anyone a perfect world. You gotta work for it. You know that when the doctor jerked me out of my mother's womb, held me up by my ankles and smacked my bare ass I never heard "society" promise me that they would take care of me? What is this place, Russia? Everyone needs to take care of themselves.

Can you imagine taxing the lions to support the gazelle's? It is a jungle. It is a dog-eat-dog world where the strong survive and the weak die. We are punishing the successful rich to support the inferior,unfit, loosers and we are going broke doing it.

WHO is smart enough to define "fraud"? (BIG government Libertarians?) When a Lion has colors that look like the landscape, is he a "fraud" to the gazelles??? Who died and left Harry Browne as God to define, "fraud"? When you start trying to protect people from "fraud" like the Libertarians want, you weaken them. You make them too trustworthy. They come to expect big government to always be out there "keeping and eye". We need to have a population that looks out for themselves (Caveat Emptor-Let the buyer beware).

If the entire population is absolutely cynical and skeptical we would have a wonderful economic system. So, you may drop 50 cents into a Coke machine and get a can of horse-piss. That is a good thing. It teaches you to be wary. The word will spread about Coke and pretty soon the marketplace will drive them out of business. Who cares about all the suckers that did drink the stuff and get sick? They provided jobs for Emergency rooms and doctors and hospitals. It is all about business and profits isn't it?

One of the worst things in this country was Socialist Upton Sinclair's book, The Jungle. It forced government meat inspections which don't work anyway. So, a few people get E-Coli. Big deal. The marketplace is at work.

Yea , IT WAS ME who was in Miami after Hurricane Andrew selling water at 10 bucks a jug and generators at $2,500 a pop. I even sold baby formula to mothers at $50 a can. Hey, man, I believe in a FREE MARKET SYSTEM. You know what the State of Florida did? They sent these socialistic commie bleeding heart big-government people down there and wrecked my business! I was making buck fair and square. They accused me of "gouging" Hey man, its a FREE MARKET and I can charge what I can get. Where do the socialists come off telling me that I can't do business?

I believe in a FREE MARKET. I should be able to buy the roads that you drive on from your house to your workplace and CHARGE YOU A TOLL. These damn "public roads" are just the first step toward Communism!I believe in "privatizing" everything and charging user's fees. (Just like the so-called Libertarians claim to want) If fact, I should be able to buy ALL the land around your property and charge you a fee to get off your property and to travel on my land. I would only charge you a couple hundred bucks to go to the grocery store.I am just sorry if you can not brew anti-biotics in your bathtub. It is too bad that you can't drill for gasoline in your backyard. Make yourself self-sufficient and grow your own food. Take care of yourself. Learn to do your own brain surgery on yourself.

All men are ISLANDS! ALL MEN must stand alone. It is everyman for himself.

"Greed, for lack of a better word, IS GOOD"! (Gordon Geeko-Wall Street)

I liked your ideas on taxation since I have a 6 figure income! I have a better proposal. Why should I pay ANY taxes? I provide an income of 8 employees. What needs to happen is for all the very poor people in this country to be heavily taxed and give all the money to people like me. By taxing the poor you would force them to work harder and therefore get out of the low income brackets! Make taxation raise people's standards and not lower them.

My principle: A decreasing tax rate! 75% under $6,000 a year to $0 above $185,000 a year.(that is about a thousand dollars less than I make)

If you could tax a guy making ,say 45 cents an hour at the 50% rate and give it to me, I could build a bigger factory, invest the money and create more jobs! My slogan "tax the poor and give it to the rich". I mean, Anson, we are the people who are getting the job done! Did you ever see a poor person do anything but be a drag on society? I never took one red cent from the government, I only gave. I am not sitting around loafing or wasting my life away being a drag on society. Society needs to cut me some slack just like they are doing now to the lazy, stupid,uneducated, unmotivated leeches we call the "poor". Yesterday I was on the toilet talking on my cell phone and I shorted the market and made $16,000 in 14 minutes. Why can't the poor do this??? I can make money sitting on the john.. Why can't they? I only pay my people the minimum wage and that is too high. If I could get some boat people in her for 45 cents an hour I could really complete with Walmart. Last year I was forced by the government to put in dust fans because they were afraid that my workers were getting damaged lungs. So what! Let them get a better job. Why should I be forced by some bleeding heart government agency to clean up my workplace air, pay minimum wages, make sure that fire exits are clear, make sure the structure of the building is sound etc? ALL these things cut into my profits! If the people that work for me don't like working for me then they should go find a better job. It should be a free market,right? It looks like I may not trade in my Lexus this year because of all the government rules. On Tuesdays I drive my Jag, on Wednesdays my Mark7 and on Thursdays my Q-45.Fridays is Mercedes 300SD day.

I would like to understand what Libertarians mean by the term "fraud". WHO determines what the truth is? Will the Libertarians establish a "Ministry of Truth" so that they can dictate who is committing fraud? (Reference was the Orwell's 1984 and Winston's Smith's Ministry of Truth) I have had a lot of people tell me I sold them things under fraudulent terms. The fact is that they were too stupid and greedy to realize what I was claiming. I don't want some Libertarian Agency telling ME what Fraud is! Sooner or later Libertarians will be dictators using "fraud protection" as an excuse.

What is "private property"? If I buy one of your CATV converters. It is mine and I can do with it what I want and that includes taking it apart figuring how it works and sending it to China to be made cheaply. Intellectual property does not exist (it can be shaved away with Occam's razor!). There is only property and when the property changes hands it changes ownership. Why needlessly multiply abstractions with atavistic ideas like "intellectual property"? If my intellect can figure out your intellect then what does "property" have to do with it? Stupid Westerners are the only jerks that still retain the Platonic concept of "intellectual property". China,the Orient and Latin America can't even understand what we mean by it much less adapt their thinking to respect it! Bill Gates is rich only because he has convinced everyone that intellectual property exists. China could have turned out Windows 95 CDs at 35 cents each 2 days after Gates released a beta copy!

If a river flows on my property, it is mine and if I want to pee in it,too bad for the guy down stream. Let him pee in it too! I get so sick of someone telling me what is right and what is wrong and forcing me to be some kind of communist-socialist bleeding heart .If the guy above me pees in his stream I will clean it up when it hits my property. This provides jobs and income for the clean up equipment and people. Let the guy down the stream clean up his water too! To hell with Clean Air rules lets just all buy Respirators . I'd like to own some Respirator stock! Each person needs to take care of himself. It is all about money and freedom, isn't it?

If we can just get the government off our backs and out of our lives and businesses and let the profit motive and self-interest be the only motivating factor things will be wonderful and America will be restored!

By the way, I love the idea of getting rid of the FDIC and the FSLIC. Send all your gold to ME. Address it to "Ponzi Banking and Trust".

[NB: this is a parody.]

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