Jazz Horn Resources

by Marilyn Kloss, Cornucopia, January 2002

If you want to find out about jazz horn, the Internet is probably the best source. Start with one good web site, and it can link you to others, and on to others, ad infinitum. The best, most complete site I have found is Harlen Feinstein's. In addition to a discography and other information, you can find almost all the other links there.

The Horn Call is also a great resource. In addition to reviews of CDs, Kevin Frey has presented a whole series of articles about improvising on the horn. In the Nov 2001 issue, Kevin analyzes Julius Watkins' Blue Modes, using it as a template for the reader to decide how to approach creating an improvisational composition. Past articles focused on skills leading up to this lesson.

Drop into Osmun Music for immediate gratification of a variety of CDs, including those of Tom Varner, Tom Bacon, and Aaron Brask. You can browse for those CDs at Osmun's exhibit at the Northeast Horn Workshop. Tom Varner gave a clinic at Osmun, and another local store, Rayburn Music, sponsored a clinic by John Clark last fall.

International and regional workshops usually have a jazz component. Tom Varner is performing in Jazz at the Pub at the Northeast Horn Workshop. John Clark was featured at the IHS workshop in Kalamazoo in 2001. Vincent Chancey, Marshall Sealy, Jeff Snedeker, Peter Gordon, Arkady Shilkloper, and Alex Brofsky are just a few of the artists who have played jazz at workshops.

Here are some other names to look out for (not a complete list): Julius Watkins, Willie Ruff, John Graas, Burt Hardin, Doug Hill, Bill Hoyt, David Amram, Junior Collins, Mark Taylor. In LA, the LA Horn Club and Rick Todd. In Toronto, James MacDonald in Boss Brass. Willie Ruff's book A Call to Assembly has been reprinted and is available at his site.

For several years, the Julius Watkins Jazz Horn Festival took place annually at various venues in NYC. It was a great time for the participants but went into hibernation because of lack of attendance. Tom Varner says that it may be revived this fall at the Knitting Factory.

Below are just a few of the web sites to check out. Also, become an IHS member and attend workshops!

Harlan Feinstein
Vincent Chancey
Tom Varner
John Clark
Tom Bacon or Tom Bacon
Willie Ruff
Arcady Shilkloper
Mark Taylor
Jeff Snedeker

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