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Malcolm Jones has presented an insightful and sharp observation of his
experience. To continue the discussion :

Malcolm Jones wrote:

>Andrew makes a nice point about the systemic implications of all
>problems, but there still remains the question of empowered action by

Linear Thinking tool is still useful and relevant as using ONLY System
Thinking tool will result in the un-manageable getting no-way or total
choas. It is the awareness of the system forces that is crucial when
applying the Linear Thinking tool.

A useful model I use is "Sphere of Influence" and "Sphere of Concerns"
similar to your example of micro and macro world or level. Within my own
"Sphere of Influence" (e.g. my own unit, entity, department, company,
community etc.) most of the Linear Thinking tool can be applied as the
effect and impact is more controllable i.e. having the "influence", at the
same time mindful of the "Sphere of Concerns" which are identified and
make aware of, i.e. system negative forces e.g. your belief of "
market-driven economic system is unsustainable and will eventually lead to
total collapse"

The cummulative effect of more and more people exlarging and expanding
their "Sphere of Influence" towards a shared vision, values and principles
will lead to an utopian Quality Society.


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