LO analysis tool LO12304

Fri, 31 Jan 1997 17:55:59 +0100

Dear members,

Here at the Danish Technological Institute, a large technical and
management consultant company, I am developing a Learning Organisation
Analysis Tool (LOAT) which can help plan manager's and employee's assess
their need for work routine and competence development.

The areas of analysis organisationally, informationwise and competencewise
are 1) communication, 2) co-operation, 3) learning and 4) management style
(delegation, responsibility and motivation).

One part of the tool maps a Learning Organisation Style Matrix (LOSM)
which based on 4*12=48 simple questions creates a picture of how well the
competence development situation works in the organisation. Each of the 4
style dimensions are separated into 3 categories and each category are
connected with various alternative suggestions for how management and
employees can improve the individual and organisational environment for
competence development (organisational learning).

If you are interested in more info about LOSM, LOAT or other, please let
me know

If you yourself know of any tools for self analysis or benchmarking the 4
dimensions just mentioned or other LO related areas, please give me a
short notice or call. There could be basis for co-operation.


Jens Erik Hoverby
Center for Competence Development
8000 Aarhus C

tel: +45 8943 8850
fax: +45 8943 8843
e-mail: jhv@dti.dk



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