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Replying to LO12267 --

Slamet Hendry discussed "improvisation" (his quotes, so I'll keep 'em) and
innovation in an organization as much like it is in jazz. He cited Max
DePree's "Leadership is an Art" and "Leadership Jazz."

I'd like to add one more book to the reading room: "Jamming: the art and
discipline of business creativity" by John Kao, pub. by HarperCollins,
1996. Kao is a jazz fan who applies the "improvisation" model to org.
innovation. Sez he: "When we have a great conversation, we are jamming. .
. When a company walks the tightrope between analytical rigor and
inspired passion, when it leaves the sheet music behind for new horizons,
it is jamming." At the end of each chapter, he calls his bulleted
summaries "Riffs."

Slamet closed with " 'Organizational artists.' I like that idea." So do
I, kid.

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