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Replying to LO12284 --

In LO12284, Mark Fulop solicits case studies of technology being used in
support of performance assessments. These, in turn, are in support of his
masters degree in educational technology. Comments follow.


First, please Convey my regards to your mentor, Allison Rossett. (She
will know my name.)

Second, the examples you give are people-centered (focus groups, employee
surveys, training priorities). Yet, I am not clear if you are focused on
human performance alone or if your request encompasses other dimensions
(e.g., team, unit, system, process, and organization).

Third, the examples you use to illustrate "performance assessments" says
to me that you are really focusing on front-end or needs assessments in
relation to performance, and not on back-end appraisals of performance.
(That would be understandable, by the way, given Allison's international
reputation as an expert in needs assessment.) In any event, can you
confirm or clarify this for me?

Fourth, the point of my two second and third comments above is essentially
that you are likely to find a great deal in the way of technology being
used in support of managing the performance of units, processes, and even
organizations but, aside from some scattered applications of electronic
performance support systems (EPSS), I doubt you'll find much in the way of
technology being used in support of individual performance. Similarly, I
think you'll find a lot more being used to manage or appraise performance
than you'll find being used to identify needs and requirements.

Fifth, in your shoes, I'll tell you where I'd look. I'd contact the large
makers and users of groupware such as Lotus Notes, and see how they are
using or promoting it in ways related to your research. Arthur Anderson's
St. Charles training center is one place I'd contact. Other likely useful
contacts would include KPMG Peat Marwick, Coopers & Lybrand, Lotus itself,
Novell, Microsoft's NT unit, and some large firms like AT&T, IBM and the


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