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Barry Mallis (barry_mallis@smtp.MARKEM.com)
31 Jan 97 08:52:12 -0500

Replying to LO12274 --

Regarding consensus, I think our list contained some idscourse about it
last year. In our training here, we stress that consensus most often
involves the sense of "disagree and commit." I promote the use of graphic
decision matrices (on the flip chart page, on the white board, etc.) where
team members can more easily move the issue fro m a personal "opinion" to
a more objectified option for discussion. Using criteria for selection
which all team members provide, each option, choice, course of action,
etc. can then be placed on the grid, the team uses a simple designation
(for instance: high, medium and low), and the results stand out clearly
for nest st ep activity.

Many of you no doubt use this tool for consensus. There are as many
variants as there are teams, and that's one beauty of it.

Best regards,


Barry Mallis Total Quality Resource Manager MARKEM Corporation Keene, NH bmallis@markem.com

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