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Barry Mallis (barry_mallis@smtp.MARKEM.com)
31 Jan 97 08:44:01 -0500

Replying to LO12280 --

I use the phrase "Succeeding with Teams" for one kind of training program.
If one participates--collaborates--then chances for achieving goals are

Team members have to ask questions both of themselves and their
team-mates. Certain of the questions involve engagement. When we
consider four team player styles (contributor, collaborator, communicator
and challenger, after Glenn Parker), we consider t he strengths and
weaknesses each style brings to small, problem-solving or process-planning

Also, at the end of team meetings, we strongly suggest the use of what I
call "Process Playback". That is, a chance in the last five minutes for
all participants to take thirty seconds and provide a "plus" and a "delta"
(something to change for the bette r next time) about the team's PROCESS,
regardless of meeting content. This, too, assist engagement.

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Barry Mallis bmallis@markem.com

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