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Gerald Burch <> said:
> All of these concepts have come through in various people's comments -
> low tolerance for error in a team based environment, team member reviews
> in a supportive, non-threatening manner, and conciousness raising
> activities, particularly in simple, repetitive tasks which can be done
> in a "semi-concious" state.
> At my plant, we call this concept "MY BROTHER'S KEEPER", and we have
> enjoyed a great deal of success. Several other plant locations within my
> corporation have used other consultants and themes with a similar,
> behavior based approach, and they have also demonstrated excellent
> results. My conclusion - this process works for Safety and I suspect it
> can be equally effective in other areas of performance.

In my last plant, we called this approach to production "upstream
quality". When someone found an error, they went immediately to the
source to:

1. create awareness
2. try to find the source of the problem
3. assist in segregating nonconforming material from good production

It worked nicely and was useful in going from 97,000 PPM defective to
211ppm defective in a few years.

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