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I have worked at projecting team accountabilites and been criticized for
that move. I believe the main fear sources in not trusting that the team
will deal with the individual accountablities in the long run. The team
will weed out nonproducers. The manager fears, if he or she does not have
an individual to blame, they will be left without a quick answer, when
they are held accountable.

In an earlier post I mentioned that people have difficulty relating to a
whole group or team and find safety in one to one relating. I believe this
relates to your post. Managers need group facilitation skills if they are
going to make good use of being a part of a tem.

If everyone in the group is held accountable for an objective, then they
need the safety of knowing they can make a mistake, but they are also
responsible for finding some solutions. This requires specific team
objectives and the freedom to complete the task. sincerely, Kevin Murphy


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