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Thanks for the remark from Mr Malcolm Jones, which is as follow:

>Excellent Point Andrew - the interesting question would be if
>anyone had done any research on what type of problems, or even
>proportion, can be dealt with using linear thinking (surely there
>must be some, or even many) and what type of problems require systems

Illustration :

A simple process of a little farmer who needs some wood to repair his shed
in the farm. He goes to chop a tree for the wood. What "error" can it be?
Applying a Linear Thinking and Logic, we can conclude that it is a sound
process : i.e.

1st Process : Shed needs repair in the farm
2nd Process : Choose a tree to the requirement.
3rd Process : Chop the tree
4th Process : Trim, cut, etc to shape of the wood
5th Process : Fix / repair the shed.

Hence no "error" or hardly anything goes wrong. Now, multiply the above
Process into million million of operations : more farmers need more trees,
expanding towns / cities / constructions / industries etc need more
tree,.....massive deforestation, ecological cycle get upset,....
environmental problems ....

The above has accumulated to a massive "error" that can "wipe" off the
above farmer or his generations.

Maybe Linear Thinking is only applicable in the Stone-Age era, whereby the
process is simple and has little cause & effect relationship, provided the
Time stands stills, i.e. forever Stone-Age era.


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