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Wed, 29 Jan 1997 14:28:19 EST5EDT

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Mark Peal said, " At various times in my life I've thought about taking
piano lessons, or guitar lessons, or voice training, because it looks like
fun. But the question that nags at me is, "What then? What would I play?"

I might comment that for about 20 years or more I wanted to learn to play
the flute, although I had absolutely no prior musical experience, and
thought I would do so when I retired. Four years ago, at age 62, I
realized I might never retire and began taking lessons and practicing
daily. Now I am still very far from mastery of the instrument but I can
play many pieces and sound pretty good, at least to myself. In the
process I've also learned more about the value of focus, discipline, and
relaxation in my life and have found that these lessons stand me in good
stead in almost every area of my life beyond music. I highly recommend
artistic pursuit as an additional pathway to learning, personal growth,
and creativity - and it's fun, too. I would guess that others have had
similar experiences.

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