Balanced learning LO12246

Tue, 28 Jan 97 13:54:00 EST

To all concerned with learning and organizational learning:

Though "lurker" to your List on Learning Organization notions,
I thought that the notion of "balanced learning" was too important to skip.
There are many new theories of different individual learning capacities;
here, as for organizational learning, I would also think that balanced
learning is important.

Balancing the learning to areas for which an organization has the
capacity to learn, I believe, keeps the organization healthy.
Besides more specialized learning areas, the general areas for learning
to keep an organization going, I propose, could be in line with
Robert Rodale's Tendencies of Regeneration. Hence, I propose
that an organization should keep learning things which encourage:

* Potential * Peace * Protection
* Pluralism * Permanence
* Progress * Purity

The real trick, of course, is to discover the real methods for doing this.

Also for learning, I believe it is important to balance the input
with the output. Too much input is wasteful and stultifying.
Learning is naturally balanced with teaching, writing, or creating.

Well, this is not very precise, but I believe that a few
second's contemplation of "balanced learning" for oneself will
lead to a belief in the value of the concept, and also the
importance of the notion for organizational learning.

Giles L. Crane
NJ Dept. of Health



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