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I am new to this list, but think perhaps that you might try a concept of
"being present now at the job." Automatic pilot really means your people
are skipping either ahead or behind themselves in time. Being here now is
rather Budhist or Zen (depending on your view), can decrease errors while
increasing the spiritual expression of the person doing their work. "Time
altering" is a practice of consciousness and increases the awareness of
the individual and their relationship to their environment. Hope this is

Suzanne Deakins,

>I've been intrigued by the couple of notes about failures. Our operaton is
>team based, with low supervisory coverage. Recently we've been disturbed by
>a pattern of errors. The characteristics are:
> - Simple, repetitive jobs
> - Done by experienced, competant people who know how to do them right
> - After, the person's self-analysis "I was was on automatic."


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