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David N Wrote

"We had been working to raise consciousness of this exact sort of risk. In
spite of that the pattern goes on. Typically we deal with these events as
a learning experience unless there's evidence of willful disregard, in
which case disciplinary action may be taken.

"Any thoughts on how, without departing from a team based approach, we
could either reduce erros or increase the energy of people to anticipate &
prevent them? "

Who's responsibility is it for the area in which the errors are occuring?
My assumptions is the Team is Empowered. If that is the case then the
problems encountered by the team should be addressed by the team, not an
outside supervisor. I also assume that if in fact the Team is empowered
that there is a 'contract' with them that allows them to make those
decisions on their own without someone else vetoing them. I would let the
team proceed by ID'ing the areas of problems and solving them. One
question, though -- Is the team familiar with the concept of "left-hand'

I also found Jan's comments in "Got a Suggestion? LO12206" might also

Joe DiVincenzo


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