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You wrote: "Concerning "Power," we know three kinds of power."

For me, I have a Higher Power and I work a program which clears sometimes
quickly and sometimes slowly, the obstacles to my seeing what actually is
within my own potential. I am granted free will by this loving higher
power which brings me to "self power." I try to use this self power wisely
and know if I can stay reasonably within my own growing changing values
that I will find the best place to make use of my skills, talents and
abilities. The third power is "other power" and I can choose to give away
my self to this power but it will not sustain me for long from my

I don't see how the woman, who is an expert at "Trivia" applies her
knowledge to produce or create something. I used to be a compulsive
reader and I don't believe the mere act of readng really changed my world
until I added action to it. I compare the compulsive reader to the sports
whiz. Put them on the right game show, and I'll possibly change my view
of their ability to produce.

Kevin Murphy


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