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[Host's Note: Let me summarize this... Fortune magazine gave a nice review
of Yogesh's web site in an article carrying a banner ""
probably thinking this would be a catchy title. In doing so, nobody
noticed that this is actually a valid site on the web which has a
different kind of content -- it's a sex site. Yogesh wants us to know
that he has nothing to do with the site. Ah... The joys of the
internet! ...Rick]

As pointed out by one of the list members, a clarification is in order.
The reference in the message that was posted citing Fortune article was to
their COLUMN TITLED It had NOTHING to do with the web site
that is using that same URL ADDRESS.

I was referring to the column titled WWW.MANAGE.COM featured in
Fortune magazine (print edition) Nov. 11, 1996 (p. 204) titled Web
Watch: "". The same article is featured on the Fortune
web site at:

The same feature is extracted on the following URL:

My message posted to the list, and apparently the Fortune feature with the
site (URL) of the same name.

In fact, I was APPALLED when this was brought to my observation by a list
member: the site with the same URL has nothing to do with management or
with LO. Apparently, the site that has appropriated the URL address with
MANAGE as the domain name, is about some pornographic set-up. To
reiterate, my message has nothing to do with domain name,
it was referring to the Fortune column that bears the same title. (Please
see )

Yogesh Malhotra

> Fortune had earlier given "Thumbs up for this serious surfer's tool" in
> its column
> Fortune column is accessible at:
> An overview of the contents of the site is available at:


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