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Sat, 25 Jan 1997 11:26:18 -0500 (EST)

To Learning Organization Subscribers

I recently finished a nineteen module "Advanced Work Team Leadership
Practices" program that might be of interest. It's the product of 25 years
of study, program development, and consulting on supervisor-subordinate
relationships in connection with quality, productivity, self motivation,
discrimination, harassment, gender problems, safety, and other people
related problems. I learned that difficulties manifest in these mentioned
coategories all have a common core problem that ordinary performance
improvement efforts ignore.

The "Advanced Work Team Leadership Practices" eliminate the core problem.
They are foundational to all performance improvement efforts. They are
essential in Quality Management efforts and in reengineering organizations
as Michael Hammer describes in his latest book, "Beyond Reengineering."
When the core problem is corrected, all of the manifestations, mentioned
above, go away and all performance improvement efforts are 74 times more
effective. This is why I thought the subject might be of interest.

I have a six page "Overview" of the program in WP5.1, WP6.0 for Windows,
Microsoft Word, and Mac formats. Let me know if you would like to review
this "Overview" and I will attach a copy of it in an email for you. PLEASE

Duke Nielsen



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