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" It seems to me that the terseness of our communication has caused us to
lose a certain richness in our language. Instead of painting a picture
with words, we want to cut to the heart of the matter. We want to get at
the facts. It's almost as if we're losing a sense of context: Facts stand
on their own merit, independent of their environment. "

Think terseness of Internet inevitable product of medium itself. Love
read and go through several books a month (e.g. Stephen Ambrose'
"Undaunted Courage" about Lewis and Clark expedition. Recommend highly),
but creative writing not fun to read on screen. Save good writing for
book or magazine to read by fire with glass whiskey.

" And as our use of language changes I think it is inhibiting the ability of
our children to use their imagination. When I was a child there were no
video games, no home videos. "

(Seriously) as the parent of a teenage daughter and participant in youth
activities, I've been impressed with the creativity of the "younger
generation." It's probably different than it was for those of us who
remember children's radio shows, but it's there.

-Dick Jacobs



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