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Joe Podolski wrote:

"All of the comments on this jot, along with the jot itself have been
interesting. It got me thinking about why we are all so intrigued by
failure. For one thing, it's clear to me that failure is where I learn.
When I'm only doing things I can already do successfully, I'm not in a
position to learn."

His comments made me think about my failures. I realize that I classify
my failures in two ways. First, those behaviors, disciplines or actions I
know I should do, which I don't. Failure in this instance is the failure
to act on principles or values which are core to life.

Second, actions I might take which stop growth, learning, progress or the
work. In this case, the failure is destructive, not constructive. And I
can think of this kind of failure as primarily happening in relationships.
Something I've said or done which destroys the trust established, which
then makes it impossible to work together. Fortunately I kind count those
instances on one hand. But I did learn from them, so in that sense they
are redemptive failures.

The other kinds of failures, ones that I'd rather call mistakes, I learn
from, plow through until I learn enough to make it right. And personally,
I like those challenges.

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