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Fri, 24 Jan 97 14:15:00 PST

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"For all the fact that our common link is declared to be a shared interest
in organizational learning, and the application of those models to work
and life, we [don't] seem to be very good at using our LO list experience
as a way to reflect and then apply learning. Maybe I've been missing
something, but I don't often see us consciously and ntentionally drawing
meaning from what happens here, and then trying to link it to
organizational life'

I can perhaps tell you how I have used this dialogue and how it has helped
me. Being the only person in training/development in my organization, it
has broken that isolation for me and I have been able to tap into other
people's experience for models and practical suggestions (I'm new to the
field). It has made me conscious of the fact that my organization and
those that I deal with are far from being the only ones that are
struggling with the concept and implementation of a 'Learning
Organisation'. I have circulated a number of your various posts to a
number of my colleagues and managers within the organization, and am
planning to circulate some to staff on a regular basis to generate
discussions and even perhaps open up an internal dialogue similar to this
forum on the whole question.

I like the fact that this forum explores all elements of organizational
life (or should I just say life), and although not all contributions are
useful to me, I do find many sources of inspiration in the many and varied
inputs. All contributions are valid from where I stand - it's up to me to
extrapolate as I see fit.

Suzanne Sauve ssauve@mus-nature.ca

'Everything is in a state of flux, including the status quo' (Robert


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