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Thu, 23 Jan 1997 16:39:23 -0500 (EST)

Replying to LO12127 --

Gary writes:

>On this list a number of people are amazed when Ben (one of the well known
>males on the list)sends a heartfelt or deeply emotional post. If the same
>post was from Sherri (one of the well known females on the list) would
>people look at it the same way?

I think it is interesting that the subject has come up about whether a topic
/ discussion / or point is made by a male or female on the list and whether
it would get the same response if we knew the sex of the originator. Along
with the idea that men are more analytical and women more emotional I would
like to add some of my thoughts on this subject.

My study of Hindu has led me to do some meditating regarding the idea of
male and female. I have been made aware that men and women have within
them both of the qualities of the sexes. In other words, women have
analytical capabilities just as men have female/emotional capabilities.
In our Western civilization at least, it seems that we have an internal
imbalance within us. Women continue to develop the emotional while men
are continually developing their analytical, generally speaking. This in
essence puts a human system out of balance. Men need the balance of both
the analytical and emotional while the opposite is true for women. Aside
from an individual having male/female balance psychologicaly, maybe that's
why there are male and female in the physical realm. What would it be
like if everyone thought analytically only without the emotional side or
vise versa.

If a human being is out of balance, how can we expect to have balance in
the world?

Just my thoughts.

Linda Ortberg
Graduate Student
Dallas Baptist Univ.



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