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23 Jan 97 10:31:27 -0500

Replying to LO12119 --

I am also searching for ways to use metric for team work.

For self-evaluation, I have been stressing to teams that the selection of
the theme should involve the creation of a metric of measure for overall
team success. For example. a theme might be "Reduce cavities by 25% among
men age 30-39, by the end of July 1998."

The theme is constrained by time, has a metric by which a team can
measure, and is focused narrowly enough to allow for the team members a
higher possibility of success. Also, this is based upon the PDCA cycle,
where you PLAN (including a metric by which you can determine success of
outcome), DO (implement the pilot process, CHECK (determine if the pilot
is moving in the direction of, meets, or exceeds the metric you have
established), and ACT to standardize the process into your organizational
functioning. Insofar as the team's personal WORK METRIC is concerned i.e.
how they actually perform from the process standpoint, we establish on our
team chartering system a metric of dates. If we determine that, for
instance, teams are consistently going beyond their drafted dates for
completion of data collection, or root cause analysis, or plan
implementation, then we can focus our education efforts on those areas. In
my organization as in most others, time is a key metric joined to the
quality of outcome.

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