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Wed, 22 Jan 1997 15:59:27 -0800

Hello! As a part-time reader of LO and first-time author, let me
introduce myself and ask for your help. I have worked at Boeing for
twelve years, and have been involved with cultural change efforts mostly
within the area of Diversity. I am now working in our corporate office of
Employee Relations on a number of people initiatives related to our CEO's
vision for Boeing in the year 2016.

One of these is focused on increasing the extent to which employees are
engaged in the "business of Boeing". After the announcement of a stock
ownership program which gives people further financial stake in the
success of the company, we set about addressing what else could/should be
done to foster an environment/attitude of engagement and "co-ownership".

We began with a "dialogue for understanding" and brought together a
diverse group of people from all walks of Boeing to help us develop a
robust strategy. The two off-site meetings we had with this group were so
energizing and productive, there is now talk of this group serving as the
seed for something like a "culture committee" at Boeing.

Hence this request: I am interested in information on the range of ways
in which "culture committees" (e.g., those used at Southwest Airlines)
have been used by other companies to further their progress toward desired
cultural change.

My questions include:
1) When and for what reason(s) was the committee established?
2) How does it aid the cultural change process?
3) What roles and responsibilities have been agreed to between the
committee and the company?
4) How is the committee structured?
5) What lessons have been learned?

If any of you have worked with/for or are aware of companies other than
SWA who have used culture committees, I would much appreciate hearing from

Many thanks!


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