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Master of Organization Development Best Practices:
Implementing Radical Change

Is your organization confronted with managing or implementing radical
change? Does it need an infusion of ideas and skills to meet the
challenge of change? If so, please consider attending the Best Practices
in Implementing Radical Change Conference hosted by the Master of
Organization Development Program, Department of Management at Bowling
Green State University on April 3 & 4, 1997.

This conference will offer an excellent opportunity to learn practical
skills from organizational leaders who have actually accomplished radical
change. The conference also will bring together forward-thinking
corporate leaders, HR and line executives, OD professionals, students, and
academicians. Throughout the Conference, participants will have many
interactive opportunities to learn about radical change. A visionary
keynote presentation, five dynamic showcase sessions, and six practical
skill-building workshops will provide attendees a truly unique

Dr. Susan Mohrman, a Senior Research Scientist at the Center for
Effective Organizations in the School of Business Administration at the
University of Southern California, will present a keynote address
highlighting organizational design. The title of her presentation,
"Organizational Design: A Key Competency for the Future," will provide
participants the opportunity to learn from her vast knowledge and
consulting experiences.

Showcase I presents Michael Horne, Director of Organization
Development, Marriott Corporation, who will describe the challenges faced
by the personal service industry.
Showcase II introduces Terri Jo Ottoson, Director of Organizational
Effectiveness at Rockwell-Collins, who will elaborate on their efforts to
redesign work processes.
Showcase III highlights Chris King, Organization Development Manager at
Walt Disney World, who will explain how they pair executives with internal
OD practitioners to address complex organizational and human resource
Showcase IV features Christine Oster, Senior Business Consultant at
Intel Corporation, who will focus on practices and techniques they use to
achieve rapid change.
Luncheon Showcase presents Reebok International's Kirk Dixon, Director
of Training--Worldwide, and Melissa Christenson, Training Manager--North
America,in a high intensity presentation emphasizing how their
organization prepares its employees to excel in a complex global

Plan to attend this unique opportunity to gain a thorough understanding
of radical change. Call the MOD Office at (419) 372-8139 or email to request registration information. Check out the
web site at for additional information on the
MOD Program at BGSU.

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