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Slamet Hendry (s_hendry@dnet.net.id)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 23:42:26 +0700

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From: "Malcolm Burson" <mooney@MAINE.MAINE.EDU>

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For all the fact that our common link is declared to be a shared interest
in organizational learning, and the application of those models to work
and life, we [don't] seem to be very good at using our LO list experience
as a way to reflect and then apply learning. Maybe I've been missing
something, but I don't often see us consciously and ntentionally drawing
meaning from what happens here, and then trying to link it to
organizational life.

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Agree. And now to apply what you just mention, what can we learn from the
behavior of the list members? Here are some that I can think of to
hopefully spark a discussion.

a) People "define" and "walk the talk" their learning differently? Or do
they (some) just chip in for the sake of contributing?

b) People learn more about themselves after / while they're expressing
themselves in the list? Or maybe learn about how others learn?

c) People feel / think they add value by chipping in, regardless the
content, directly or indirectly? How do they know that?

d) Others . . . Any takers?

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