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Chau Nguyen (chau@rhonin.corp.sgi.com)
Tue, 21 Jan 1997 18:11:48 -0800

Replying to LO12007 --

On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, our host wrote:

>Now, I'd like to make a gentle suggestion... that the most prolific
>posters (please judge this for yourselves) reduce the # of msgs a bit.
>I also hope that less frequent posters will feel free to speak up... I
>hear ample evidence in this thread that people are interested in hearing
>from you!

If this list is a true learning list, then you don't have to ask this of
members. People participate in this list voluntary, so we all should be
able to deal with the issue individually, and not collectively. We come
to this forum expecting to be able to freely expressing our thoughts and
feeling, to share our knowledge as much as we are able to, and as often as
we wish to with NO HIDDEN AGENDA. That is the core of a learning
community. One can not expect that in order for the more quiet people
(should i say introvert?) to express themselves often, one must prohibit
people who like to express themselves frequently to reduce their volume.
This is the beauty of the Internet. People don't have to fight for air
time. We all are equal here, there are no passing lanes, and no one has
to move to the slower lanes. I believe that this issue has everything to
do with how individuals perceive their space and comfort in this
environment. If I can not deal with the issue (posting too long, or too
frequent) then it is my responsibility to resolve the issue for myself. It
is far beyond the list's capability to solve the problem for me.

IMO, two components of learning (among few others) are creativity(native
behavior) and adaptation(learned behavior), and they both belong to an
individual, not a group. Perhaps we can use this event to reflect on our
capability to learn.

>Finally -- and this is for everyone -- Please look at your message before
>hitting the "Send" key... Ask youself, "Is this msg worth sending to 2000

Here I am not questioning the ligitimacy of your advice, Rick. I think
that in a business world, where your profit is tied to your image, we
should all ask these kind of questions.

But here, now, in this sanctuary, why must one filter one's thought? And
if this is not an *INTELLECTUAL SANTUARY*, then someone tell me what it
is!! IMO, if my message hits a home run in ONE person's domain, helping
ONE person to clarify or to lift ONE person's spirit for ONE moment, then
it is worth sending to 2000 people. We all have different frequencies,
how would i know who would pick up my message if i don't send it to the


phuoc-chau nguyen (chau@corp.sgi.com)

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