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"Measurment is a challenge for organizations."

I am in the middle of a small consulting project trying to come up with
metrics for a high performance organization for a client of mine. The
initial request from a senior manager was to understand the idea high
performing orgazation more so that more intelligent action could be taken
to create one. I was surprised at the reaction from the middle managers
who interpreted these kinds of measures as a whip to beat people with or
compare people. I was amazed at my own naivete.

The vice president has moved on to a new position and the group now
struggles with a charter they can live with.

I've uncovered numerous self-assessment instruments for high performing
teams which the group has redefined itself to address, but I've not seen
one that helps to diagnose areas of improvement for high performing
organizations. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or references? I am
still a believer that metrics can lead to improvement in a learning


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