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> Knowledges is **NOT** Power, but Wisdom **IS**!
> Eric N. Opp

Which takes me back to one of my earlier posts. Drucker said it, but here
are other ways to say it also "the application of information becomes the

Wisdom. Eric, where do you get your power? Am I right in assuming you are
saying experience gives power. There are many experienced people in the
world with very little power.

Experience must be somehow directly or indirectly related to the situation
we are in or its of very little value. Maybe a part of today's problems
can be brought back to trying to fix problems which experience when a
creative solution would work infinitely better. Experience implies that
past knowledge works to solve a problem now. Creativity finds the best
solution, whether from the past, present or future.

If my learning has prepared me to be creative then fixing new problems
will be possible. If my learning and cretivity has given me open vision
then more than likey I will see solutions. If I have faith in a Power
greater than myself, I will faithfully keep on even if, I or those close
to me, do not have an immediate solution.

"No one has the answer,
No one has the answer.
One day a man arrives with the answer.
They all cry, that's the answer!
They follow the man to the river.
He gets in the boat and floats down the river.
They stand there with the answer looking,
But have no way to cross the river.

Kevin Murphy


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