Performance measures and learning LO12088
Mon, 20 Jan 97 09:46:41 -0800

Replying to LO12065 --

I often find it useful to group metrics into these categories:

Results metrics: Did we get where we wanted to go, or, in the absence
of specific goals, did we get to a good place relative to the
alternatives and to the competition? (Car example: Did we get to our
destination on time?)

Activity metrics: How effective and efficient was our process at
getting the results? (Car example: What was our speed? What was our
miles per gallon? What route did we take?)

Health metrics: How likely are we able to sustain the desired
activities that will lead us to the results we want. (Car example:
How much gas is there in the tank? How good are our tires? When did
we last tune-up the engine?)


>There is a BIG difference between performance indicators, performance
>measures, and activity measures. I have often seen this diffeence ignored
>and the three mixed liberally.
>I have, in the past, differentiated between the three in the following
>way: ...

    Joe Podolsky

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