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Ben Compton wrote in LO12051

> At says I didn't need to make my truck my abode, that a tent would have
> done.
> I agree, but I didn't have a tent. We were sleeping under the stars. I
> like to watch falling stars with my children, and hear their amazement to
> see them streak across the sky. We also enjoy looking for satellites.
> For those reasons, we took refuge in the truck.

Dear Organlearners,

Thank you Ben for the clarification.

In this very clarification lies a lesson which I have learnt.

I am also fond of sleeping in the open and did that for about 15 years
where ever I could. Then came a wonderful trip which I and a South African
friend made with our two Brazilian friends to Botswana - a neighbouring
country. We knew nothing of Botswana and its wild life. We decided to make
the trip with a so-called bundu tour leader, rather than doing it on our
own. (Bundu tour leader - takes you through it all with no luxuries at
all.) That was a good decision. The tour leader insisted that we should
take tents along - we did not want to, but we had to comply.

It was an incredible tour which led to fantastic experiences. When our
friends got back to Brazil, nobody could believe the stories they were
telling. Eventually each of them jotted their stories on paper and sent it
to us to attest that it was the 'holy truth'. It was these very
experiences which made me realise that the tour leader's decision was
correct. If I and my friend were to organise that trip, we would have
become food for some predator.

I still clearly remember the realisation that different environments
require different behaviour.

I still sleep in the open when in the semi deserts and deserts. But I will
never do so in Botswana where predators abound.

Best wishes
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