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On implementing ISO 9000 etc.

"In these cases, the underlying cultural issues are usually taboo for the
consultant. A box is being bought. Make it the right size and put it in
the right place."

Maybe, shall we add : The external imported BOX is FORCED through
the Organisation by the consultant, cutting, hammering,
chiseling, knocking, bending, ... all the edges, obstacles
of a convenient hole in the organisation. Just get the
BOX through, and hope the certification auditors sign
and approve the BOX, which they normally do.

I have similar experience and observation as posted in my
homePage e.g.
a) "Is BUSY Culture a Quality Culture?"
b) Controlling People or Controlling Process?
c) Who cares about Quality?
d) Manpower Planning & ISO 9000 Quality System -
- MP, Not a process in isolation"
e) Are you still preoccupied with "Boxes" in your Organization?

Interestingly, there is a way out of the Bulldozing of Boxes,
i.e. using ISO 9000 Principles and Concepts.


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