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J.C. Lelie (janlelie@pi.net)
Sun, 19 Jan 1997 23:27:40 -0800

Replying to LO11893 --

Jim Michmerhuizen wrote

> Personally, I feel that the only context in which we can make sense of
> patterns like this, is mythology.

As i said earlier: according to McWhinney, one can draw a map for the
journey though the Land of Organizing (humming: #we're going to see the
wizard, the wonderful wizard of LOz, because, because, because, because,
because the wonderful things he does#) consisting of four 'archetypical'
realities: unitary, mythic, sensory and social. (Stretching the analogy of
the story: who from the characters would live in what reality?).

Every complete path should takes us through every of the four 'realities"
I suspect, because when we do not address (!) a reality, the counter
inventions, generated by the change process itself (a kind of Newtonian
law for organizational change: action equals minus reaction) will be
reinforced through a kind of systemic cycles (like fixes that fail). In
other words: any short cut will not bring us closer to the goal: we'll
have to resolve all the issues from all the realities, before we'll end
were we started, starting a new cycle of change.

So yes: we should make sense of it through the mythical reality, and (!)
also through the sensory reality ('the real things') and also through the
unitary reality ('the real truth') and also through the social reality
('the real other').

How is that for a travelling salesman problem?

Jan Lelie


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