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Peter H. Jones (
Sun, 19 Jan 97 13:05:39 -0800

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Clyde Howell writes:

> The real question to me is whether or not the management team and
> the workers of any given organization are mature enough to take a chance
> on success. Are they willing to accept the ownership of their
> individual and collective futures? Are they willing to expose and
> eliminate the silent conspiracy that exists between them to create
> conditions that they each despise?

Good to be reminded about Deming's views on driving out fear.

I'm not sure I understand the concept of a "silent conspiracy" in the
context we are discussing? Can you clarify your thinking for me? This is
a very interesting thought? Are you talking about a mutual reluctance to
change things? Or something that is specific to certain organisational
cultures? Is this based on research you have done?



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