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Heidi and Dan Chay (chay@Alaska.NET)
Sat, 18 Jan 1997 15:22:50 -1100

Replying to LO11983:

Dear At and other kindred souls, meme travellers,...

Does use of the word lurker connote the overtones of a confessional for
others as it does for me?

It's more comfortable for me to write to you that I've been quietly
involved with the goings on here for some time. As it happens, I first
subscribed to this list last winter (locally speaking). That was perhaps a
long time ago by conventional measure, but truly only an interval of short
duration by virtue of my experience. As I told Richard at a point after
last year's spring break-up when I unsubscribed for a while to go fishing,
it's been a pleasure.

On the Bering Sea, our registrar of time often corresponds to the tide
cycle. Out there, duration seems to resonate strongly, often
unpredictably (yes, At), with the weather, especially the wind. And there
are so many other natural cycles that affect our rhythms in that world,
too, it seems more clear simply to allude to them. It's dynamically

At, I wonder, if we can imagine how our notion/s of the meaning of
complexity seem/s to be emerging, can we also imagine how it/they seem/s
to be immerging? Also, could you use the neologism eimergence?

In this post you said, "What we have to do is never think against a
background in which time increases linearly."

Would you say, too, "or decreases?" :-)

I'm induced to think of a 4-dimensional analogue of a camera lense through
which we could see and willfully scale the focal length.

My eyes toward the horizons, not wedded to any outcome, with warm and
quietly centered heart, and brain aroused, I'm happy to begin to return my
virtual acquaintance of so many of you.

Dan Chay


Heidi and Dan Chay <chay@Alaska.NET>

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