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>From Kent Palmer note of March 1, 1995
Was: Concurrent studies, generalists... LO292

> Real learning organizations should encourage everyone to cross train
> and learn multiple specialities within the organization. Everyone is a
> teacher and a learner within the organization --- which increases until
> everyone engages in the dialectic where both teachers and learners
> become the TAUGHT and new information appears from nowhere. This is the
> goal.

At work (in a university library with over 200 full-time employees), I am
involved in developing a request for Cross Training.

Here is a list of comments gained from the WWW about the benefits of cross

- new and different experiences
- "On-the-job and cross-training are the most common ways that people
learn new skills and update old ones"
- cross training is useful for meeting time-related (calendar-related or
seasonal) needs
- creates links between different work functions
- quick duty or symposia possible as well as involved training
- increases employee flexibility
- training may be accompanied with information packets
- investment in employees
- may help with needs created during and after reorganization
- "Cross-training is needed to understand the programs of other
- helps maintain consistent quality service

If anyone has additional comments, please let me know.

Additional information is welcomed.

Have a nice day
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