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Pamela McGillivray wrote:

> For a while now I have been noticing repeating patterns and rhythms in my
> life and in the life of others around me. At a micro level we repeat a
> set of patterns every day. For example the way we wake up, get out of bed
> and prepare ourselves for the day is repeated in a similar way every day.
> If we drive to work at roughly the same time, we find ourselves in a
> roughly similar pattern of traffic each day. Of course, we have different
> patterns for different types of days - work days differ from weekend days
> differ from holidays. These different patterns combine to form strands in
> the rhythms of our life.


> My observations suggest that these rhythms have a natural timing to them,
> and theres not a lot we can do to force them to play faster, or even slow
> them down (for a sustainable period of time). This leads me to wonder if
> our natural rhythms are often out of step with the pace at which we seem
> to be expected to perform in the world today. And, if this is so, what
> are the longer term implications for our social fabric, our organisations,
> ourselves?

Hello Pam,

Are you familiar with Edward T. Hall and his books? "The Dance of Life"
has a lot to say about this aspect of time and rhythm as well as cultural

Ray Evans Harrell


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