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17 Jan 97 12:45:37 EST

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Rol Fessenden wrote

>What is the evidence that participants are only speaking from the head?

Well I haven't analysed styles on this list, but as a minor deviation, one
(subjective) way of analysing where people are speaking from is easily
done by listening out for telltale signs. When people communicate orally,
and their communcation is 'head-driven', they will tend, in my experience,
to use linguistic forms more suited to the page and eye than to the
listener's ear, e.g. 'we've embarked on this project' rather than 'we've
started this project'. I have also noticed a greater tendency to um and

We all operate in this 'mode' at one time or another, many of us to a
greater extent. I haven't analysed whether one can tell any signs of head
vs heart-based speech in written communication ... but I would imagine
flowery, sentimental, hyperbolic prose would fall into the latter, unless
conceived by the intellect of a writer employing the style for a specific

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