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Many contributions to the thread: Disappoinment - No Soul made me realize
how important it is to be aware of the 'human potency' . It reminded me to
the opening article in the Fieldbook about the 'UBUNTU-ethics in which is
shown how important it is 'to see and to be seen' because 'if your seen,
you are there; or the other way around: If you're not seen you're nobody.
But many organizations are focussed on output and results instead of
creating environments where customers like to come and people love to
work. All this teached me once again that the essence of (my)
consultancywork isn't producing fixed results like "Learning
Organizations","System thinkers", Personal Masters, Team Learners and
"Mental Modellers". A learning Organization is not a kind of Superstore
where you can buy whatever you like. LO-consultants are in the
Seed-buisssiness and not in the Fruit-buissiness. We sell spiritual seeds,
creativity seeds etc. We own seed-farms. Yesterday I found a wonderfull
little chassidian story I'd like to share here with you.

It's my translation from Dutch into English, so don't pick on me)

In a dream I walked into a store.
Behind the counter stood an angel.
I asked, what do you sell here?
Everything you want, said the angel.
O, I said, really?
In that case, I'd like:
peace on earth,
cancelling all oppression,
no more hunger,
a house for the refugees,.......

Hold on, said the angel,
You misunderstood me.
We don't sell fruits here,
only seeds!

Chassidian Story.

While I was typing this down for you, my nine year old son was writing the
same lines from a piece of paper on the whiteboard in my office. He
proudly showed me his result. He's in the business of "Making Me Happy'
and 'Learning To Write', not understanding the deeper meaning of these
lines. Well, why should he? He still _IS_ it.!

Oh God, I love him!



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