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>Stafford Beer argues that the Pareto curve is misunderstood. (My Beer
>books are gone, so I can't give the citation.) The idea is that a
>particular shape persists, no matter what. Yet many managers, when they
>are told that a proportion of activities contribute very little, decide
>that they need to find those activities and eliminate them. After a few
>rounds of chopping the tail off, only to see the same curve with the same
>tail reappear, the result is a much smaller operation. Since the
>operation isn't necessarily more productive or profitable, downsizing
>eventually loses its appeal. This focusing mechanism, however dressed up
>in science, is a poor substitute for strategy.

The above Managerial Illusion is common place. It illustrates a
fundamental ignorance of System forces, seen by Managers as Mechanical
Components and Parts, which can be fixed and "done with". Hence through a
process of elimination, one can find the ultimate "truth", "nothing but
the truth". But this type of Logic Thinking Operation is really a dead
trap when applied to a Total System whose behaviour is never Mechanical,
but more Biological.


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