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17 Jan 97 08:53:08 +0100

Replying to LO11855 --

Replying to Joe Katzman,

I do not think the Theory of Constraints helps at all in the situations I
am describing. IMHO Theory of Constraints and the Principle of Leverage
when effecting change in a system are very different. TOC seems to me to
be a very good way of picking some low hanging fruit, but does not address
the systemic nature of problems in any way. Using TOC may simply move the
bottleneck to somewhere else in the system without getting a fundamental
understanding of what the systemic problem is - a shifting of the burden
maybe. The vocabulary of links and chains is the give-away - it only
works if you are describing a linear situation.

Sorry to be so negative on this - if I have a very outdated view of TOC
(based only on the Goal studied many years ago), let me know what I am

Best regards

Malcolm Jones
Productivity Europe



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