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Ray Evans Harrell wrote in LO11976
> > [quoting me]
> > You are very perceptive. But remember, it applies to the hunting of
> > succulents - openhearts. If you want to hunt big moving game, you must
> > move faster and with greater deception like a lioness on the kill. She
> > covers 100 meters, crawling on her belly, in grass which barely hids her
> > back, in less than 4 minutes. (To see it will give anyone the shakes like
> > I had. I was glad that I was not the prey.) She seldom misses her target
> > because she has to provide for the family.
> Does this mean that business is simply an extension of the old
> hunter-gatherer model that most modern souls try to blame on someone else
> while justifying mauling them?

Dear organlearners,

Thank you Ray for speaking out aloud. I was speaking metaphorically, as
you have realised. You have once again brought me deeply under the
impression of how easy it is to misinterpret a metaphor. It depends on
what paradigm the interpreter is following at that moment.

No. I did not have any people and their material possesions in mind. I was
thinking of the abstract world - ideas, goals, souls, etc. I was stressing
that speed leading to surprise is essential. Often bifucations an their
surprsing outcomes do not happen because the connection was made to
slowly. In chemistry it is called ineffective collisions between two

Ben Compton once mentioned that he finds this 'speed' factor very
interesting. It is probably what triggered his response, although he has
written on something different. Let us ask him.

Best wishes
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