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Sherri Malouf (sherri@maloufinc.com)
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 13:56:40 -0500

I have not checked my mail since last friday and was amazed and pleased to
see the energy this discussion has created. I love the different angles
and curves of people's minds and hearts.

I will say it again. I have no problem with heady discussions. In fact I
enjoy them at times. I just like to see a balance and writing the message
which started this discussion is my way of rebalancing the list! Although
as someone pointed out (I am sorry I have read so many messages I can't
remember who -- plus sleep escaped me last night...) I may be missing some
of the soul in some people's messages.

BTW -- I think Rick modified the title and added the No Soul -- did you
Rick? -- I can't remember clearly. I never meant to say or be intrepreted
as saying that the list had no soul. I think there is a great deal of
soul which is why I *can* write the message I wrote. Okay At?

[Host's Note: Yes, I added the words "No Soul"

I did so based on your words in the msg text "What I have liked about some
of the threads is their "realness" -- people expressing what is within
them in a very real way. You can feel the heart and soul in some of the
postings. My disapointment is that these are rare."

I hope this didn't change the tone/meaning you intended, and my apologies
in case it did. ...Rick]

I am pretty exhausted. I spent mon-wed attending a pilot program
developed by a dear friend and colleague. (IN Boston = 4 hours of rush
hour commuting daily!) It is a baby but is a wonderful program. It is
based on McClelland and Berlew's model of power -- then developed further
by Abigail Stewart. Stage I is dependent with the target of power being
self and the source of power being other. State II is independent with
the source and target of power being self. Stage III is Imperial with the
the source of power being self and the target of power being other. And
Stage IV is interactive power with the source and target of power being
other. The course is all about interactive power.

One person attending had a wonderful insight which is something I truly
believe. That when we serve others the reward to self is even greater
than when we serve simply ourselves. I guess this ties in with me for
this list. I pushed my own agenda -- I wanted to be able to know people
more. To feel moved more. I wanted to connect. I was having trouble
connecting with any of the threads. And not because they weren't soulful
-- just because they were not touching me. So I wrote something which I
thought would be provocative to the list. I succeeded. And I beleive it
benefited others. But what if we wrote out of an interactive space? What
if we put our egos aside -- the need to be heard, smart, responded to,
respected, loved... What would that look like?

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